We live by the motto “From Imagination To Reality”. Whether your project is a Short film, a commercial or a feature film, our staff looks forward to making the process simple and fun. Our creative department can amass the suitable talent, produce and direct your project from concept to reality. We can partake in the creative process from script to post production. At House of Hitz we take great pride in our work. We look forward to the creative journey with directors and editors to enable their visions to life. Some of our project includes:

Cues and Soundtrack for Swirl films (Stock Option) TV One original series Movie
Scores and Cues for Dame Dash Films (Death Of A Dynasty) Starring Kevin Hart and Jay Z and Dame Dash
Cues, Score and Soundtrack for Wild Hundreds Productions (The Killing Seed) Movie
Music for Public Service Announcement for the State of Massachusetts
Directed and edited The Killing Seed for Wild Hundreds Productions

TV Commercials for Professional Products Unlimited Inc.
Infomercials for Jamaican Mango and Lime / TV and Radio Jingle
Infomercials for Transition Natural/ TV and Radio Jingle
Infomercials for Taliah Wajiid Hair Products /Instructional Video